A Few of Her Favorite Things - Vintage boutique owner shares her must-haves

Shopping vintage is often the best way to find your own unique style. Not only is it a sustainable practice but it also allows you to find quality, one-of-a-kind pieces that will take you farther than most fast fashion could.

Vintage garments are the real deal: beautifully constructed with carefully chosen materials. Finding the perfect piece means breathing new life into clothing that carries a rich history and will last you a lifetime.


1.     Vintage sizes can differ from modern day sizing. Make sure to know your measurements and feel free to ask the shopkeeper for recommended sizes – they are the experts.

2.     Take it to the tailor.  One quick alteration can make a world of difference.

3.     Keep an open mind. You never know what kind of hidden treasures are waiting to be discovered.

4.     Looking for a very specific item? Do a quick online search. You might find exactly what you’re looking for before you even hit the stores.

5.     Do your homework. A little fashion history will have you drawn to some eras over others. Do you love the shift dresses of the 60s? The pin up dresses of the 50s? The Hollywood glamour of the 30s and 40s? Try on a wide range of vintage styles to find out which look suits you best.


1.     Vintage Coat

Classic and timeless, a vintage coat is one investment worth making. Look for beautiful materials in striking colors---wool with rhinestone buttons, a velvet cape to wear with jeans for a girls’ brunch, leopard print everything, pink satin lining, or houndstooth.

2. Vintage Jacket

Vintage Jackets are perfectly versatile. Add a tweed blazer over your usual uniform or throw on a classic wardrobe stable like vintage denim or leather. Look out for tweed, suede, fringe, cashmere, denim, leather 

3.     Vintage Brooch

A vintage brooch serves as a great accessory to any look. Style a vintage brooch on your work blazer, a novelty piece to your denim jacket, or a beautiful flower brooch on a color-coordinated coat.  Some favorites include faux pearls, star and moon, poodles, and horseshoes.

4.     Vintage Evening Bag

Vintage bag options are endless and full of surprises. Think lucite, clear box bags from the 1950s, beaded embellished bags you can carry to a wedding, clutches in fun shapes that are lined with velvet. Take a quick peek inside and you might even uncover a small vintage mirror or a tiny silk coin purse. Don’t fret if your beautiful clutch is too small to be functional---a vintage purse can be repurposed as a stylish bookshelf accessory.  Look out for Lucite, rhinestones, beads, seashells

5.     Vintage Belt

A statement belt can effortlessly “make” your look. If you don’t have time to style a full outfit, just add a statement belt and “voila,” you are ready to go. Look out for leather, sequins, fringe, studs

6.     Vintage Evening Dress

Show up to the party in an original stunner. Fancy vintage dresses are perfect for any celebratory occasion or fabulous photo shoot. Style a vintage party dress with modern block heels for your New Year’s Eve bash or dazzle in bright colors for your birthday. Look out for silk, velvet, lace, glamour

As we say at the shop: “If you love it, you must make the occasion!”


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