Into the Lounge and Backward in Heels- Meet IG icon Patricia Foster Klein



Former Head of Design & Creative Director turned Digital Creator and Visual Storyteller. Lover of fashion, fun color, and the Women’s Movement.  NYC wife and mama of two kids and a dog.

Q: You first started at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Why fashion? Why did you--and why do you--feel drawn to it?

A: Why fashion for me is like asking, why water? Ha! From my earliest childhood memory, I loved clothes.  I come from a family of six kids and my mother always dressed us in amazing outfits for holidays and special occasions, so perhaps it grew from there. I chose FIT because I knew I wanted a career in fashion and I wanted to be in NYC (and that school, quite honestly, was more affordable than Parsons). 

Q: Tell us about your creative process. What does it look like and how does inspiration flow through you? 

A: Being a creative in the world means that I am keenly aware and in tune to everything around that inspires and influences me.  That can run the gamut from fashion to art to music--and from there I think ideas just flow like osmosis. I have never been stuck for a creative idea, but I do struggle with technical aspects in design (as I find it tedious and boring).

Q: What does it mean to dance/do things backward in heels? 

A: The famous saying is actually “backward and in high heels,” and is in reference to 40s starlet Ginger Rogers who always danced backwards with heels on while her partner, Fred Astaire, danced forward in flats. I decided to use it as my Insta handle as an anthem for all women to say, we have endured the role of doing everything that men do, only we do it backwards and in heels. I am so encouraged to see so many things shifting for women in terms of equality.

Q: Does the phrase “you’re never too old” resonate with you and why?

A: 100% and then some! I think our culture has trained people to believe that once you reach a certain age, you need to pack it in and head to Florida. No offense to Florida, but personally at the age of 52, I feel better than ever and have the added advantage of experience and know-how.  

It is mind boggling that our age group is not marketed to by brands in a relevant way.  My goal is to help change the perception of what over 50 looks and feels like.  

Q: Let’s talk about Instagram. Hate it, love it, tolerate it? 

A: I LOVE INSTAGRAM! It is such an amazing tool as a creative if you use it wisely.  I think the misperception people have is that it is a bunch of people just trying to show their best selves. That is true of some, but to me, it is all about who you choose to follow, but also how you choose to use the app. 

Many people miss the point that the app’s purpose is to build a community.  If you want to do that, it requires engaging and showing love to your community of followers and also showing them that your life is not perfect. It is important to show that you have bad days, too. 

Q: Now that you have 69k followers on Instagram, what kind of message/s would you like to disseminate? What are you interested in sharing with your community?

A: First and foremost, I want to focus on positivity and kindness. 

Just recently, I did a kindness campaign where followers had to share their best act of kindness; the winner received a brand new bouquet of roses from Venus Et Fleur. It was so heartwarming to hear how people really are innately kind.  I have made it my mission to not judge others and I hope that this comes across and inspires others to do the same as well. 

Q: What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?

A: Can I give two? My favorite is when my kids tell me that I am an amazing mom and that I am generous.  Both compliments fill my eyes with tears.